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Gaslini Art Project


Gaslini Hospital - LaCattedrale



The #GasliniArtproject, promoted and coordinated by #LaCattedrale di @paolo_rovelli has seen artists, technicians, sponsors, volunteers and above all them, the children and young patients of the Gaslini Hospital Genova (Italy), who together with their families are the people who inspired and address the entire project. This year's theme "the Dream", was developed and articulated on an unprecedented palimpsest of artistic interpretations, which transformed the Genoa Children's Hospital into the first large open-air museum of streetArt works in Italy.

Now that this first edition of the Gaslini Art Project has come to an end with the last works realised, it is time to draw conclusions and take an overall view of the great mosaic of works we have created.

In order of realisation here are the works by

@andrea_ravo_mattoni Une tendre étreinte 🫶
@raul33_ The island of dreams ✨
@refreshink Eden 🌳
@galoartist Passage 🚶♂️🚶
@speedygraphito Un ami pour la vie 🐘
@lady_m_art Le chemin des rêves 🟣🔹🟥
@timzdey Le clown et son public céleste 🌈 🤡
@nadegedauvergne Dans les Nuages ☁️
@scaf_oner Le renard du Gaslini 🦊
@rouge.hartley Vies silencieuses 🌿

Special thanks go to all the sponsors who decided to support the creation of one or more works, including the one we consider our signature:
The stained glass window of Dreams

We would therefore like to thank:

@energiaazzura @_oasih_ @boero_coloreitaliano1831 @delpitalia_centricolore @amc_dezzani_srl @carlotta_pometti @pratonevososki @ginoluxury @montechiarodacqui @colorificiogeopaint @sm.bat_mc @proloco_spignomonferrato @wheeled_world

Project direction @paolo_rovelli
Art direction by @cyrillegouyette

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